Return of the white widow - detail

n°1 Return of the White Widow

They hadn’t seen her for a while but now, on this cold winter’s day, she reappeared. Dressed in white fur. Kneeling at her husband’s grave, crying bitter tears. Remembering the times met below the citrus trees. Breathing in his intoxicating smell of coriander and curaçao. “I am proud of the return of this limited edition beer. Spicy, brewed with wheat and with an alcohol content of 7,1%.” Koen Vannieuwenborgh, Herb & Spice Master.


Beer style  White beer
Alcohol %  Alc. 7,1% Vol.
Bitterness  Low bitterness
Brew date  15/12/2016
Spices  Coriander and curaçao