N°18 Double Trouble

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Beautifully tanned with a strong body. The sweetest lips for kissing. Titillating tempation. Your double trouble in paradise.

“This Dubbel Bock beer, with an alcohol content of 7.2%, offers the perfect combination of sweetness …

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N°17 Château d’Arthur

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He held the glass up to the light. Liquid sunshine, that’s what it reminded him of. A summer of golden rays, translated into exquisite taste. A perfect marriage of hops and the juiciest of …

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N°16 Rice Against

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The rice fields reflected the blue sky. With a smile he remembered yesterday. A night he would never forget. New friends, made with a cold glass of sparkling beer. The feeling he had come …

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N°15 Belgian Black Coffee

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See the twinkle in her eyes? This beauty with dark glossy hair and the smoothest ebony skin will turn heads everywhere she goes. Swinging her hips, she passes by. And all you can catch …

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n°14 The boy from IPA.Nema

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Tall, and tan and lovely. Yes, it is The Boy from IPA.nema. Invite him in, and you’re guaranteed to have a party. Dancing through the night to samba rhythms. Laughing until you’re out of …

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n°13 Aerts 2016

By Posted in - on oktober 18th, 2016 0 Comments Arthur's Legacy - Aerts 2016

Hops Master Valerie Theuwis

“It spent its golden years sauntering through Brussels with its amber mane rippling in the wind – at that time, this epic brew was known as Aerts 1900. Delectable but with a …

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n°12 Ginger Al

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Herb & Spice Master Koen Vannieuwenborgh

“Light on his feet and really bubbly: you’d think that Ginger Al was really innocent. But below his white collar you’ll find a spicy personality, due to the …

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n°11 Pretty P.IPA

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Hops Master Valerie Theuwis:

“Let Pretty P.IPA seduce you. Behold her beautifully pale neck and blonde locks. Discover her sparkling personality. Even with a modest alcohol content of 4,5% she is surprisingly tasteful. Never …

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