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    “Our creations don’t
    lack any character and
    are here to seduce you!” Arthur Van Roy

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    “Microbrewery DE HOORN is a taste lab where creative brews with innovative flavours and taste are developed, pushing the boundaries of beer”

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    “At microbrewery De Hoorn, we handcraft Limited edition craft beers.”

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Our Beers

We have only just started craft brewing at DE HOORN, but here are our little gems, available exclusively for you. Check out our creations and taste some of these scarce liquids!

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The Story

Every legacy has a legend. Every story a hero. Meet ours: Arthur Van Roy, visionary craft brewer at village brewery DE HOORN in Steenhuffel. Our hero’s mission? To brew excellent and exciting specialty beers. His life’s work is now continued with Arthur’s Legacy, a range of innovative craft beers, developed at microbrewery DE HOORN. At this taste lab, opened in 2014, a new league of brew and ingredient masters push the boundaries of beer with their limited edition beers. Every year, several brews are tested by a community of beer lovers and enthusiasts. Only the best brews make it into a range of exclusive, limited edition classics Arthur would be proud of.